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News from 2001

Update January 1 2001

Happy New Year!


Richard Koloda has emailed me about his radio show on January 10th on WCSB-FM in which heís planning an interview with Mutawef Shaheed (who played bass with Albert Ayler in Cleveland during the 1960s). The show is broadcast from 11 pm to 2 am (Eastern Standard Time) and is available online at www.wcsb.org.

New Additions to the Site

Iíve archived last yearís news on a separate page, so click the link below to see whatís been happening since the site went online in June 2000.

Whatís Available page updated for January.


Update February 1 2001

New Additions to the Site

Iíve added a couple of items to the Unreleased Recordings page (Ayler sitting in with the Burton Greene Quartet and arguing with an official at Brussels airport - very odd!).

Iíve also added a link to Improjazz, a French magazine which has an Ayler CD discography and some additional information about other unreleased recordings.

Whatís Available page updated for February (complete with profuse apologies concerning Sonnyís Time Now).


Iíd like to thank the following for their ideas and information:

David Mittleman and Bill Schmidt.


Update March 1 2001

New Additions to the Site

Iíve transferred Jerry Webbís comments about Albert Ayler from the guestbook to the Ayler Remembered page.

Whatís Available page updated for March.


Iíd like to thank the following for their support and information:

Margaret Davis, Trudy Morse, Jerry Webb and Bill Schmidt


Update April 3 2001

New Additions to the Site

The new ESP reissues from the Dutch Calibre label are now in the shops. The CDs are in jewel cases with natty slip covers (a big improvement on the Get back versions with the carboard sleeves). Iíve added pictures of the slip covers to the following pages: Spiritual Unity, New York Eye And Ear Control and Bells. Spirits Rejoice is also available but I havenít found a picture of the slip cover yet.
Remco Takken, who worked on the sleevenotes for the Calibre/ESP reissues has given me permission to print his notes for Bells. Apart from bringing a fresh perspective to that seminal release, Remco also brings out the importance of Donald Aylerís contribution to the music, something which a lot of critics have tended to ignore.

Iíve also added pictures to The First Recordings page, courtesy of Ebay, the auction site. A copy of the original Bird Notes edition of Something Different !!!!!! (aka The First Recordings) went for $1500 and the Japanese picture disc version fetched $36. I have no idea what that means and beyond tossing in the Rhett Butler quote I donít see any need to comment further. I just lifted the pictures.

Iím grateful to Horst H. Moeller (check out his contributions to the website about that great alto player, Marion Brown) for sending me the catalog numbers for additional releases of the following: Witches and Devils, New York Eye & Ear Control, Bells/Prophecy and Spirits Rejoice. Horst also sent me the cover scans of the Blu Jazz CD, Albert Ayler Quintet 1970 - Live, the strange Italian release which contains music from the first concert at the Fondation Maeght. The pictures can be found on the Nuits de la Fondation Maeght page.

Talking of strange CDs, I finally got hold of Albert Smiles With Sunny, the double CD on the InRespect label. The first CD is Prophecy, the second, a further 43 minutes of music from the same 1964 sessions at the Cellar Cafe. I must apologise here for getting the title of the CD wrong before, but Iíve now corrected that. The track titles on this CD are also so widlly wrong that I thought it best to add the corrections (courtesy of the discography on the Improjazz site.) A final note on Albert Smiles With Sunny, (for those who donít frequent the Ebay auction site, whose money is never Ďstrong enoughí, who, despite acknowledging it as a bargain, the coupling of Bells with Prophecy on a single CD does not have quite the same magic as the one-sided vinyl copy of Bells alone), I bought it from HMV.com in Canada, which seems to be the only place still selling it. If you join up with Garageband.com and review some music theyíll send you a $25 voucher for HMV.com. A tedious exercise but a good way to save some money.

Finally, Iíve been in touch with Steve Tintweiss, the bass player on Aylerís final French concerts. Heís given me some fresh leads to follow as regards the Fondation Maeght film. He also added a few details about that unreleased recording of Ayler playing with the Burton Greene Quartet, which Iíve added to the Unreleased Recordings page. Steve has a website at http://inkwhite.net which Iíve added to the Links page.

Whatís Available page updated for April.


Iíd like to thank the following for their help and information:

Remco Takken, Horst H. Moeller, Steve Tintweiss, Richard Koloda, and Paul Costuros.


Update May 1 2001

New Additions to the Site

Cover scans of ďThe Best of MCA/Impulse:Fire Into Music #3Ē and ďBlack Lion Connoisseur/Lions Abroad, Vol. 1: Tenor TitansĒ added to the Compilations page.
Cover scan of the French book of short stories, ďďLes Treize Morts díAlbert AylerĒ, added to the Links page.
Whatís Available page updated for May.


Iíd like to thank the following for their help and information (particularly Ken Waxman for pointing out that my name does not appear anywhere on the site - sorry about that, Iíve added it to the email address below):

Paul Costuros, Horst H. Moeller, Remco Takken, Ken Waxman, Karl Webb.


Update June 2 2001


Thereís an article about Albert Ayler in Hybrid Magazine.

Albert Ayler also received a mention in Richard Williamsí article about the Ken Burns Jazz documentary series which is due to be shown here in England this month. Albert was included in the list of ten musicians who should have been mentioned in the series. The article appeared in The Guardian (25/5/01) and is available online.

New Additions to the Site

George Scala sent me a copy of the 1983 Ayler discography by Mike Hames, which includes a lot of material relating to Aylerís unreleased recordings, so Iíve updated the Unreleased Page and corrected a few mistakes in the discography. Thanks to George (and also Mike Hames if heís still with us).

Jan Strom from Ayler Records in Sweden wrote concerning my listing of an unreleased third volume of The First Recordings. According to Jan, and the late Bengt NordstrŲm (the Ďproducerí of the session) there is no third volume. Everything that Bengt recorded was issued on Volumes 1 and 2. So, Iíve updated that page accordingly.

I also received the following from Bernard Stollman (via Remco Takken). Iíve added this to the Unreleased Page, but I thought Iíd mention it here also. Mr. Stollman, for those who donít know the name, was the founder of ESP Records, so without him thereíd be no Spiritual Unity, Bells, Spirits Rejoice and the rest. For those of us who only heard Aylerís early recording of spirituals and gospel songs fairly recently with the release of Goiní Home this reminiscence of Mr. Stollmanís final meeting with Albert Ayler is particularly intriguing.

ďTwo weeks before he died, Albert visited me and played a cassette for me of gospel songs that he had taken way out to the point that they were only faintly recognizable, .profoundly original and unlike anything I had ever heard him do. I do not know what happened to the tapes. BernardĒ

Whatís Available page updated for June.


Iíd like to thank the following for their help and information:

George Scala, Mike Hames, Jan Strom, Remco Takken, Bernard Stollman, Margaret Davis and Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg.


Update July 1 2001


I received an email from Cornelis Hazevoet Ph.D, (Curator of Ornithology at the Museum of Natural History in Lisbon, Portugal) about a Dutch TV recording of the Ayler Quintetís performance at the Doelen Festival in Rotterdam during their European tour in November 1966. Some footage from this recording was later shown at a jazz event at Hilversum around 1970. I have checked with the Nederlands Audiovisueel Archief, the Dutch Film Museum and the Dutch Jazz Archive, but unfortunately none of them have the video in their vaults. However, since some of it did survive for a few years at least, there is a chance that it may still be out there somewhere. If anyone can provide any further information, or suggest where else I can look, please let me know.

New Additions to the Site

Iím very grateful to Flo Wetzel for sending me an extract from the forthcoming biography of that great clarinetist, Perry Robinson, for the Ayler Remembered page. As well as being a nice personal memoir, it also adds a few details to the Ayler biography which Iíve not come across before. Check it out.

Whatís Available page updated for July.


Iíd like to thank the following for their help and information:

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Remco Takken, Bernard Stollman, Florence Wetzel, Perry Robinson, Cornelis Hazevoet, Diana Tromp, Robert Sterk, Francesco Izzo, Ditmer Weertman.


Update August 1 2001

New Additions to the Site

Iíd like to thank Burton Greene for his contribution to the Ayler Remembered page. He also gave me some more information about that fragment of tape of the Slugís jam session which Iíve added to the Unreleased page.

Iíve also included some more information about the 1966 Coltrane concert at Lincoln Center on theUnreleased page, courtesy of David Wild.

Cornelis Hazevoet reminded me that Albert Ayler does appear in the film, ĎNew York Eye And Ear Controlí, although you donít get to see him play. Iíve never seen it, and always presumed that like a lot of the experimental films of the Ď60s, it was no longer around. However, after doing a quick search of the internet, I found quite a bit of information on the film and its director, Michael Snow, and although itís not commercially available, it does seem to crop up fairly regularly at film festivals around the world. Cornelis saw it last year in Lisbon. The information about Michael Snow has been added to the New York Eye And Ear Control page of the discography.

Whatís Available page updated for August.


Iíd like to thank the following for their help and information:

Burton Greene, David Wild, Cornelis Hazevoet, Arjen Gorter, Ditmer Weertman, Alan Roth, Florence Wetzel and Hans Dulfer.


Update August 8 2001


Remco Takken has just informed me that a programme of recent music inspired by Albert Ayler was broadcast yesterday (7/8/01) on Dutch radio. The programme is being repeated on Friday, 10th. August at 17.00 (CET) and is being streamed from www.concertzender.nl. Sorry for the late notice, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Remco also sent me the complete presentation text and playlist of the programme which can be downloaded as a zipped text file. Itís in Dutch, but itís easy enough to work out whatís going on and even if you miss the programme on Friday itís a good source of information for Ayler- influenced music.

Thanks, Remco.


Update September 1 2001

New Additions to the Site

Whatís Available page updated for September.


Update October 1 2001


On the Upcoming Jazz Releases page of the Jazzmatazz site, Aylerís Lorrach/Paris 1966 is down for a Fall (thatís Autumn) 2001 release. I checked the HatHut site but thereís still no mention of it there.

The following is probably only of interest to British Ayler fans, but since it involves the BBC (who famously refused to broadcast Ayler back in 1966), I think it deserves a mention here. On Monday September 10th, BBC2ís ĎNewsnightí programme was running a piece on the T.U.C. conference in Brighton and punctuating the presenterís comments were extracts from Aylerís ĎGhostsí !!! As far as I know this is the only time Aylerís music has been used as background music on a mainstream TV programme. Very odd. Without going into the political history of the labour movement in Britain, I should explain that the gist of the item was the changing relationship between the Trades Union Congress and the current version of the Labour Party - and Aylerís tune carried a subliminal message that the ghosts of the old days were still around. Very subliminal considering the number of people in Britain who would have recognised the tune. Anyway, I emailed Newsnight to find out more and received the following reply:

ďDear Patrick Regan

Your email regarding our piece from the TUC in Brighton on Monday has been passed to me - I produced the piece and was responsible for incorporating Ayler's music.

As you say the track was Ghosts - recorded in Copenhagen on 14 September 1964, on the Vibrations album - a Freedom recording (FCD 41000). We actually used track 1 on the CD, the shorter version.

As to why we used the track - my father recently gave me the CD, saying that as over the last few years I had become more interested in jazz music (Miles Davis particularly) perhaps I would be interested in something a little more extreme? experimental? edgy? Anyway, I enjoy listening to Ayler and felt that the mixture of melody and dissonance articulated something of the mood of the conference in Brighton - and would be distinctive and - hopefully - fairly subtle.

I hope that explanation is of interest and I'm glad you felt prompted to write.

Yours sincerely

Tristan Quinn
BBC NewsnightĒ

New Additions to the Site

Whatís Available page updated for October. Iíve decided to remove Jungle.com from the list of online CD shops Iím monitoring since their database is too inconsistent. I am tempted to replace them with www.cdzone.co.uk because their listing for Ayler is totally weird. The US site seems o.k., but the items and the prices on the English site are.... well, just take a look.


Iíd like to thank the following:

Tristan Quinn and Tim Witham.


Update November 1 2001


There was some recent correspondence in The Wire magazine about Don Ayler. Thanks to Karl Webb I managed to track down the current issue and read the letter from Richard Koloda. Richard is writing a book about the Ayler brothers (in collaboration with Don) which hopefully will set the facts straight on a number of issues and at least will tell Donís side of the story. No publication date as yet.

Paul Costuros let me know about an item on the Ebay auction site - an 8 track of The Dedication Series/Vol. VII: The Village Concerts (the Impulse double album containing the material not issued on the original In Greenwich Village but included on the double CD release Live In Greenwich Village: The Complete Impulse Recordings). Iíve not gone into the various formats of the Ayler discography, restricting myself to vinyl and CD, but I would be interested in hearing about any other strange items out there.

New Additions to the Site

Whatís Available page updated for November.


Iíd like to thank the following:

Karl Webb, Paul Costuros and Tim Witham.


Update December 2 2001


Thereís a major interview with Sunny Murray in the Paris Transatlantic magazine, conducted by Dan Warburton. As well as providing a fascinating glimpse into the life and opinions of one of the great founders of the Free Jazz movement, it also includes material about Mr. Murrayís first meeting with Albert Ayler and his own theory regarding the mystery surrounding Albertís death.

New Additions to the Site

On a discographical note, Mr. Murray also explains the genesis of the Albert Smiles With Sunny release, which has always intrigued me, and Iíve updated the Prophecy page accordingly.

Whatís Available page updated for December.


Iíd like to thank the following:

George Scala, Ronald Wilson, Cornelis Hazevoet and Tim Witham.



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