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News from 2002

Update January 1 2002

Happy New Year!

New Additions to the Site

Last year’s ‘What’s New’ page has been archived and the What’s Available page has been updated for January.


Update February 1 2002


NPR (National Public Radio) has a feature on Ayler on their jazz website.

New Additions to the Site

I found a picture of Ayler’s Downbeat cover on ebay, and the Find A Grave site has now got a photograph of Ayler’s gravestone. I’ve added them both to the Biography page, but I thought I might as well put them here too. The Downbeat site has Nat Hentoff’s article on Ayler from the November 17th 1966 issue.


I heard the story about Albert's funeral a while back, from Richard Koloda (who's still working on his new biography of Albert, in collaboration with Don Ayler) and he told me the U.S. army had paid the bill (as an ex-serviceman, Albert was entitled), so I knew about the Vietnam mistake, but it was still strange to see it carved in stone. Richard forwarded me the link to the photo and in my reply I waxed poetic and threw him that quote from the bible: "A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country." He came back with the following: "At the time there were so many Vietnam deaths, the headstone maker probably just assumed that he died in action, or maybe the army just gave them what they had an excess of. Anyway the remark about 'without honour' is true. Last February at Oberlin, David Murray played a piece titled 'Albert Ayler'. It was a free concert with around 150 people in the audience. He asked how many people had heard of Ayler and only 10 people (all of them DJs at college stations) raised their hands.”

What’s Available page updated for February.


I’d like to thank the following:

Richard Koloda, Ben Ratliff, Matt Robin, Bill Schmidt and Michael Wolfson.


Update March 1 2002

I have to beg your indulgence here. Partly because it’s been a slow month with no Ayler news to impart, and nothing happening on the site apart from the usual update of the What’s Available page, I thought I’d add a personal note regarding that picture of Albert Ayler’s gravestone which I put on the site last month (and hopefully appears below in the February update). I’ve been working on another web project about George Heath, a largely-forgotten 19th century poet who came from a small village near my home town of Stoke-on-Trent, England. He was the son of a farmer, educated at the village school, apprenticed to a builder, and died of consumption in 1869, at the age of 25. The reason I mention him here is that the epitaph on his gravestone, which was found among his papers after he died, seems fitting for Albert Ayler as well. It would certainly make a better epitaph than ‘Vietnam’. Anyway, here it is:

“His life is a fragment—a broken clue—
His harp had a musical string or two,
The tension was great, and they sprang and flew,
And a few brief strains—a scattered few—
Are all that remain to mortal view
Of the marvellous song the young man knew.”


April 1 2002


Thanks to Richard Koloda for sending this recent photo of Don Ayler.


Copyright Richard Koloda & Don Ayler, 2002 (used by permission).

Bill Schmidt alerted me to the Modern Jazz Discography site, whose listings for Albert Ayler differ slightly to my own. Sonny's Time Now isn't listed (presumably because it was released under Murray's name), and there's no mention of the other material from the Prophecy session included in Albert Smiles With Sunny. However, there is one session from the Village Vanguard in April 1967 which I've never come across before (so I've added it to the Unreleased page). I also have to add a mea culpa, because there's an extra track from Live At Slug's Saloon which I've never listed. As far as I can tell this first appeared on a Japanese reissue and it's also included on the Get Back issue (both vinyl and CD sets).

Ronald Wilson sent me a link to Perfect Sound Forever which has an article about Ayler, Coltrane and Little Willie John by Wally Shoup.

Finally, Steve Tintweiss (Ayler’s bassist at the Fondation Maeght concerts) has asked me to put out an appeal for a copy of the Italian bootleg CD, Albert Ayler Quintet 1970 - Live (Blu Jazz BJ023CD). He’s never heard the music on this release - not since he performed it, anyway - so if anyone has the CD and can send him a copy, contact him at his website.

New Additions to the Site

I’ve added a short piece from Richard Leigh to the Ayler Remembered page, relating to the only concert which Ayler ever played in England.

What’s Available page updated for April.


J. Cross, Richard Koloda, Richard Leigh, Bill Schmidt, Ronald Wilson and Michael Wolfson.


May 1 2002


A while ago, Flo Wetzel kindly sent me an extract from her forthcoming book about Perry Robinson which dealt with Perry’s first meeting with Albert Ayler in Spain. The extract is on the Ayler Remembered page. I mention it again now because the book has just been published. I received the following email from Flo which gives all the relevant details:

“Perry and I are happy to announce that his autobiography Perry Robinson: The Traveler has just been published by iUniverse.

AVAILABILITY:The trade paperback is $22.95 (ISBN: 0-595-22178-5). The book is also available as an eBook for $6.00 (Adobe ePDF; ISBN: 0-595-72876-6 or Microsoft Reader; ISBN: 0-595- 72877-4). You can order it from any bookstore. For some reason, Barnes & Noble has the book listed as Perry Robinson by Florence Wetzel, so be aware of that if ordering from them. It's probably easier just to give them the ISBN number.You can also order it online from: www.iuniverse.com,
www.amazon.com, www.bn.com, and www.booksamillion.com (the last two sites offer discounts).

PARTY:We are having a Book Release Celebration on Sunday, June 9 at 7 pm. We're calling it "A Concert Jam with Perry Robinson and Friends," and the event will be at Makor, which is a nice venue close to Lincoln Center. The address is 35 West 67th Street (between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue). Admission is $12, with a $10 minimum. Copies of the book will be available for sale. For more information on Makor, see www.makor.org or (212) 601- 1000.”


For those unfamiliar with Perry Robinson, he’s one of the foremost clarinetists in free jazz, appearing on a number of seminal albums - Archie Shepp’s Mama Too Tight, Carla Bley’s Escalator Over The Hill, Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra among others. That’s about all I knew about him until I read the book (thanks Flo!). It turns out his father was the songwriter, Earl Robinson (who wrote Joe Hill - remember Joan Baez at Woodstock), he grew up among the great legends of American folk music, his cousin is Alan Arkin, and he even auditioned for the Dean Stockwell role in The Boy With Green Hair. And that’s all before you get into the jazz stuff. He seems to have played with everybody during his long and eventful life (including The Fugs and Dave Brubeck!) and he’s still going strong. The book gives a fascinating insight into the ‘free jazz world’ of the ‘60s and ‘70s and there are a couple of chapters about those two legendary bass players - David Izenzon and Henry Grimes (a figure whose eventual fate is as mysterious as that of Albert Ayler) which I found particularly interesting. In short, it’s a great book.


The new Japanese reissues of My Name Is Albert Ayler, Ghosts and New Grass are now available. However, if you don’t want to pay Japanese import prices it’s worth shopping around since the European editions of My Name.. and Ghosts (under its alternate title, Vibrations) are still available in a number of stores.

This month should also see the reissue of Hat Hut’s Lorrach/Paris 1966 CD.


While checking the web for information on the new reissues I came across the following interview with John Tchicai on the Outer Sound  website. There are a couple of brief mentions of Ayler and one interesting Ayler-related fact for those intrigued by ‘what ifs’ - Tchicai was in the studio when My Name Is Albert Ayler was recorded.


Thought I’d better extract the following from Gary Kingsbury off the Message Board:

“This will probably only be of use to anyone in London, but Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus (UK) have (as at 17 April 2002) 'Witches & Devils' and 'Goin Home' as part of a '3 CDs for £12' deal. Freedom/Black Lion labels. (Also have things like 'Trance' by Cecil Taylor, various things by Paul Bley, Roswell Rudd etc.”

I’ve checked the Tower Records websites but they’re not offering the deal, however it might be useful for anyone near a Tower Records store - especially since GoinHome seems to be on its way out of the catalog.

New Additions to the Site

What’s Available page updated for May.


Paul Costuros, Gary Kingsbury, Joe Moudry, Bill Schmidt, Val Wilmer, Flo Wetzel, Michael Wolfson.


May 13 2002


Just a couple of ‘time-limited’ items:

There’s a vinyl copy of Love Cry, signed by Don and Edward Ayler (Albert and Don’s father), on ebay.com. The auction ends on May 18th and the opening bid is $9.99.

Probably a bit late with this one, but thought I’d mention it: Free Association WZBC are playing a track from the newly reissued Lorrach/Paris 1966 tonight. Details as follows:
FREE ASSOCIATION Radio Program WZBC 90.3 FM's No Commercial Potential
Monday, May 13, 2002, 7 - 10 PM EST, Online 56k and 112k streams available at...
http://www.live365.com/or http://www.zbconline.com/


June 1 2002


The main news this month is that Hathut have re-released Lorrach/Paris 1966.

Some doubts have been raised about the 1964 recording date of the three tracks on Live In Europe 1964-66. It does look as though this material is from the September 3rd radio broadcast from Jazzhus Montmartre. More information, although none of it conclusive, on the Unreleased page.

New Additions to the Site

Cover of the new edition of Lorrach/Paris 1966 added.
What’s Available page updated for June.


Oscar Elfstrand, Elsebeth Kirring, Richard Koloda,Ed Rhodes Jr., Heinrich Smejkal, Michael Wolfson


July 1 2002


Thanks to whoever responded to Steve Tintweiss’s appeal for a copy of the Italian bootleg CD, Albert Ayler Quintet 1970 - Live (Blu Jazz BJ023CD). Steve now has a copy and sent me the following ‘review’:

Although the title is a misnomer, as all the tracks are either trio, or a quartet when Mary Maria sings or plays soprano sax, and the identification of some of the tracks are incorrect, to my surprise the recording quality is excellent. Hearing this 32 years later is quite an experience for me. This is really newly found Albert Ayler performances at the peak of his creative powers. Albert sings his heart out on several of the tracks. The CD concludes with a wild version of "Ghosts", including an audience induced encore.”

I also came across the following reviews of Love Cry and Live In Greenwich Village - The Complete Impulse Recordings while I was googling, offering a fresh perspective from a rock rather than a jazz angle (and the guy seems to be a big fan of Don Ayler).

New Additions to the Site

What’s Available page updated for July.


July 12 2002


Steve Tintweiss emailed the following:

“You may be able to receive this Sunday's WKCR-FM Jazz Profiles, from 2 to 5 PM over 89.9 FM in New York City.The broadcast signal is very limited due to the loss of the antenna that was on top of World Trade Center One Twin Tower on September 11th. I will be Ben Young's guest on the July 14th Albert Ayler 66th Birthday Tribute. Some of the tracks from the newly uncovered Albert Ayler Live! recording from the first Maeght Foundation concert in France will be played.”

Those of us outside New York, and who can work out the time difference, could try the WKCR-FM website which does have a live link.


August 1 2002


For those who missed Steve Tintweiss’ appearance on WKCR-FM (me included), there’s another chance to catch up with the man on Monday August 5th when he’s being interviewed by Brian Carpenter on the ‘Free Association’ radio show on WZBC 90.3 FM Boston College from 7-10 p.m. According to Brian: “We'll be walking through the new-found Maeght Foundation recording, and talking with him about his current work, including his Spacelight Band featuring Perry Robinson. This special is specifically focusing on SteveTintweiss (not Ayler, but we will get into that).” The show can be listened to via streams at http://www.zbconline.com/ or http://www.live365.com/


Ronald Shannon Jackson, the drummer onLive At Slug’s Saloon has a new website at www.cymbatamusic.com.


The picture above of a poster from Slugs’ (not sure about that apostrophe) comes courtesy of ebay.com, which has seen a lot of Ayler activity lately. The poster is from 1967, not the original Live At Slugs Saloon date.

One of the original 200 signed copies of Spiritual Unity also appeared on ebay - it went for $1,725 !! I just nicked the pictures of the label and Ayler’s signature:


Finally in this ebay section, there’s currently a chance to buy the ultra-rare three volume set of Don Ayler’s only LPs as leader - In Florence 1981 on Frame (Italy RF-2001).



Paul Sherratt of www.spydaradio.co.uk has informed me that a Japanese group called World Standard have recorded a version of Ayler’s ‘Ghosts’. It’s on their new CD, Jump For Joy - (Discover America Series Vol. 3) and they have a website at http://www.quietone.net/. There’s no mp3 of the track unfortunately.


New Additions to the Site

Covers of the new Japanese reissues of My Name Is Albert Ayler and Ghosts added to the relevant pages.

The new CD re-release of Lorrach/Paris 1966 has a number of differences in the track titles and timings - essentially it’s still the same as the original LP set, but I’ve added a note to the page detailing the changes.

In a posting on the University of Houston’s Coltrane list (where, incidentally, there’s a lot of Ayler discussion) George Scala mentioned that the trombonist who appears on one track of Live In Greenwich Village - The Complete Impulse Recordings, and an unreleased session from 1967, is Dr. George Stell, not ‘Steele’ as he’s always been listed in discographies - so I’ve made the necessary corrections. Dr. Stell took part in the recent WKCR broadcast with Steve Tintweiss.

What’s Available page updated for August.



Brian Carpenter, Chris Geller, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Richard Koloda, Paul Sherratt, Ronald Wilson, Michael Wolfson.


September 1 2002


According to various online stores (Amazon.com, CDnow.com and HMV.com), Albert Ayler’s final album, Nuits de la Fondation Maeght, is due to be re-released next month. Although there was a bootleg CD release on the Jazz View label, this one seems to be the first legitimate, digitally remastered release. At the moment I have no further details.

New Additions to the Site

What’s Available page updated for September..


October 1 2002

New Additions to the Site

I’d like to thank Ronald Shannon Jackson for taking the time to contribute a piece to the Ayler Remembered page.

The new release of Nuits de la Fondation Maeght on the Water label seems to have arrived. The original two volume LP set is available as a single CD or on vinyl. I’ve lifted the covers from the Runt website, which also has some additional information about this very welcome re- release of Ayler’s final album.

What’s Available page updated for October.


M. K. Holloway, Shannon Jackson and Richard Leigh.


November 1 2002


I received the following email from Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg about a series of Ayler-related concerts taking place in Brussels (Belgium) during November:

“Le Collectif Inaudible présente :

La Passion selon Albert Ayler

"je joue un cri silencieux"

au Petit Théâtre Mercelis à 20h30 les 5, 7, 9 et 14 novembre
13, rue Mercelis, 1050 Ixelles

Une tragédie musicale sur une mise en texte et son de Guy Strale
(textes adaptés de Marc -Edouard Nabé, Seferis, Sikelianos & Jacques Lacarrière)
Quatre versions sonores différentes.....

mardi 5 novembre 20 h30

texte interprété par Nathalie Rjewsky & Frédéric Lepers
musique improvisée par le BRuocsela Orchestra Libera
José Bedeur, violoncelle & électroacoustique
Antoine Cirri, batterie
Jean Coulon, tuba & électroacoustique
Jean-Jacques Duerinckx, saxophones
Jacques Foschia, clarinettes
Marco Loprieno, tuba, saxophone baryton
Jan Huib Nas, guitare accommodée
Adelheid Sieuw, flûtes, voix
Guy Strale, piano, clarinette, percussions, objets sonores
invité : Noah Howard (USA), saxophone alto

jeudi 7 novembre 20h 30
texte interprété par Anne Baupain & Frédéric Lepers
musique improvisée par le BROL
invitée : Maggie Nichols (GB), voix

samedi 9 novembre 20 h 30
texte interprété par Anne Baupain & Frédéric Lepers
musique improvisée par le BROL
: Jim Denley (Australie), flûtes & saxophone alto
Hisako Horikawa (Japon), danse

jeudi 14 novembre 20h30
texte interprété par Nathalie Rjewsky & Frédéric Lepers
musique improvisée par le BROL
: Daunik Lazro (F), saxophones

organisé par inaudible asbl en collaboration avec le service de la culture d'Ixelles
info : inaudible asbl
02 649 81 28

Une tragédie musicale évoquant une personnalité mythique et injustement méconnue : le saxophoniste noir américain Albert Ayler, un des créateurs du free jazz, suicidé de la société, à 34 ans, en 1970.
Son passage météorique marque une coupure radicale ouvrant des perspectives musicales qui sont encore celles du monde des musiques improvisées actuelles.”

New Additions to the Site

I’d like to thank Richard Leigh for sending me a photocopy of the Paul Haines/Howard Bernstein booklet which accompanied the first 100 copies of Spiritual Unity. I’ve scanned it and added it to the site on its own page: The Spiritual Unity Booklet. Sorry if it takes a while to download.

What’s Available page updated for November.


Dean Blackwood, Richard Leigh and Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg.


December 3 2002




It’s been a good year for Ayler reissues (both Lorrach/Paris 1966 and Nuits de la Fondation Maeght are back in the shops) but Ayler Records have managed to top that with the first official release of The Copenhagen Tapes on CD. This is the first new album to be licensed by the Albert Ayler Estate for a number of years (in fact Steeplechase Records made an unsuccessful attempt to release the same material over 15 years ago) so I’ve added a new page to the discography and The Copenhagen Tapes now takes its chronological place between New York Eye And Ear Control and Ghosts. The page contains full details of the sessions from September 1964 featuring the great Ayler Quartet, with Don Cherry on trumpet, Gary Peacock on bass and Sunny Murray on drums, or you can check out the catalog on the Ayler Records site. At the moment you can buy the CD direct from Ayler Records in Sweden, but it should be more widely available in the near future. Congratulations to Jan Strom and his team.

New Additions to the Site

After last month’s addition of the original Spiritual Unity booklet to the site, Cornelis ('Kees') Hazevoet sent me scans of the inlay sheet from the first Jihad release of Sonny’s Time Now. You’ll find this on the Sonny’s Time Now page.

As mentioned above, The Copenhagen Tapes has been added to the discography and the Unreleased page is now a bit shorter.

And courtesy of ebay, a picture of an Italian EP (which judging by the titles was taken from Love Cry) has been added to the Love Cry page. It went for $153.

What’s Available page updated for December.


Kees Hazevoet, George Scala and Jan Strom



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