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January 1 2018


Sunny Murray (21/9/1936 - 8/12/2017)

I added the news about the death of Sunny Murray to the site on 9th December, but at that time there were only a few obituaries online, so I thought it best to wait until the regular update before posting some of the others. I have to thank Pierre Crépon for providing most of the following links:

The New York Times, The Guardian, Wire (obituary by Phil Freeman, reminiscences by Tony Bevan), Le MondeTrouw, El Pais (translation), Publico (translationWBGO, JazzTimes, Avant Music News, The Free Jazz Collective, Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches, SNES and on 10th December, WKCR devoted 9 hours to a Sunny Murray Memorial Broadcast.

Also, Alan Silva shares his thoughts about Sunny Murray on his youtube channel.


Roswell Rudd (17/11/1935 - 21/12/2017)

December, 2017 also saw the passing of another of the great giants of the Free Jazz movement of the 1960s - the trombonist, Roswell Rudd.


[The New York Art Quartet (photo: Teit Jørgensen, courtesy of Cuneiform Records).]

Roswell Rudd appeared on only one LP alongside Albert Ayler, New York Eye And Ear Control, which was essentially a group improvisation. There are obituaries on the following sites:
The New York Times, Ottawa Citizen, Le Monde, Il Manifesto, WBGO, NEPR and JazzTimes.

It was Kees Hazevoet who first informed me of Roswell Rudd’s death, but a few weeks prior to that Pierre Crépon sent me a link to a podcast on the Burning Ambulance site, which featured what was probably one of the final interviews with Roswell Rudd, recorded in November, 2017. His memories of recording New York Eye And Ear Control occur around the 22 minute mark.


Other Stuff

So, 2018 begins in a rather sombre mood. To lift it, here are a couple of discographical oddities from Dirk Goedeking;

1. A photo of the award to Nuits de la Fondation Maeght from the Japanese magazine, Swing Journal:


2. Photos of the cassettes accompanying the Fabbri Editori ‘Jazz’ partwork published in 1986/87 - Ayler’s Ghosts was number 82:


And finally ...

If you can forgive the vagaries of google translate you might like to read this article by Geir Rakvaag in the Norwegian Dagsavisen who seems to share my fascination with those strange download-only versions of My Name Is Albert Ayler with the multiple titles such as this:


What’s New October- December 2017 is now in the Archives.


This site went online in June 2000. All the previous ‘What’s New’ pages are available below:



If you have any information about Albert Ayler, or any questions or corrections, then please email me, Patrick Regan.


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